In the desert you will hear the world…


In the desert you will hear the world…

Passion, love of music
and professionalism.

Yes, we do combine different genres.
Yes, what connects them is classics.
Yes, we do improvise.
Indeed, we have fun with the music.
There is no chaos or cheating, but there is love and energy! Each sound we create is complete. Improvisation is no less than quality, classics is fun, and experience triggers emotions!
Neither routine nor schematism.
Nothing but good music! Just good music.

Koncert Taklamakan

Why Taklamakan?

Well, because of mummies...

discovered in the 1970s. Dressed in colourful skirts, stockings and hats, they rested in the middle of the vast Taklamakan Desert. They let us revive fascinating images of Armenian, Italian, Greek, Muslim, Sogdian and Chinese merchants, who, having successfully exchanged their goods, could spend their evenings leisurely dancing and singing. The most vivid, vibrant and magical performances one can imagine. An abundance of sounds, swirling shapes, profusion of colours.
Can you hear what is going on in there?



A graduate and now educator of Music Academy where he teaches new generations of musicians. Michał, highly appreciated by outstanding soloists, is a chamber music pianist, particularly fond of vocal and violin music. His great talent for improvisation means that he is frequently invited to participate in recordings and a variety of artistic projects.

This is the music we share – free of borders and limitations. You can do anything in music! It lets you get lost in a kind of desert, where you are free from everyday problems, timetables, appointments, responsibilities and “need-to-dos”. There are so many sounds, so many emotions, passion and love, not to mention dance!
Put everything away for a while, don't let anything distract you on this apparent desert!

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